Press Speak

Enjoyable Dance Drama: Twenty one students of Malathy Thothadri combined well to present an enjoyable ballet "Meenakshi Kalyanam" lasting for an hour and a quarter. The toddler, baby Prasanna who played the role of Bala Meenakshi was cute and pretty and did her part well. The same was the case with Sudharshana who played the goddess Meenakshi.
         -- The Hindu- 25 December

Ms. Malathy Thothadri

A disciple of R.Pitchumani Iyer, Malathy Thothadri gave a gratifying account of her artistry on the veena. Playing for Nungambakkam Cultural Academy, she revealed her taste for refinement in veena music through a satisfyingly nuanced description of Sankarabharanam suffixed with thanams in the five Ghana ragas. The artiste's recital of ' Akshayalinga' in Sankarabharanam with an understanding of its evocative musical contents attracted attention. The orderliness of her swaras for this piece deserved praise.
         -- The Hindu - 12 January 1996

Malathy Thothadri, director of Kalasagara, Anna Nagar, Madras-40 and her two senior dance students - T.Sudharshana and Ramya Ranganathan were honoured at a function organized on Oct.4 at TTK Auditorium, Music Academy. Malathy Thothadri was presented a gold medal and the students, shields, by VIPANCHEE and Kalaimagal Sabha, for her service in the cause of our heritage through the performing arts. Malathy Thothadri was felicitated for her sustained contribution to and encouragement of the performing arts.
         -- Anna Nagar Times - 9 October

Ms. Sudarsana

Eye-catching Performance: Sudharshana's Abhinaya is wholesome……. Sudharshana appeared confident, a sure sign of progress as evidenced on the demanding varnam where Sudharshana's mastery over the idiom is indisputable, a taunt nritta, nrithya and natya matching the graceful abhinaya…. Her personal charm, dance technique and her qualitative expressive abhinaya, held sway over the rasikas by the virtue of the dancer's creative talent and neat execution. Similarly…was rendered with full of bhakthi bhavas and Sudharshana gave a constantly captivating winsome exposition, sustaining the interest of the spectators with a charming effortlessness…. Handling cymbols by Malathy Thothadri with the orchestra enriched the quality of Sudharshana's dance recital.
         --News today - 7 august 1998

With a neat Alapana of Madhyamavathi, T.Sudarsana sang Patnam Subramania Aiyar's composition, "Palimchu kamakshi" with verve and vigour. Her neraval …and the swaras that followed were suggestive of her grip over the flowing combinations"
        -- TPR, The Hindu, Friday, January 1, 1999.

…has a sweet voice which traverses freely in the top and madhyama octave….Ethavunara of Tyagaraja had classical weight. The neraval and kalpana swaras were very tidy.
        -- RS, The Hindu, Friday, December 29, 2000

Ms. Prasanna

Kum.Prasanna Thothadri commenced the programme with ..... the rendering of these numbers drew applause from the audience ....... she moved through the intricate number with full of bhakthi bhava ..... She executed the number Gyana sabaiyil with grit and imagination ..... Prasanna simply mesmerized the audience and made them spell-bound. This was an effective presentation and the danseuse should be congratulated for her boldness and naturalness ....... in rendering Thalattu, she actually carried the audience with her and made them sleep for a while. prasanna's renderings were pleasing and scintillating and exposed the youngsters mastery over expression and foot-work. Her eyes were able to speak for themselves and her quick feet simply mesmerized the audience, as evidenced from the instantaneous claps that she received from them at the end of the songs. Her innovative spirit gave glamour to the whole show and she danced with grace and elegance. Malathy Thothadri, the danseuse's mother and Usha Raghavan handled the cymbals effectively and Sudharshana's voice enriched the quality of the orchestral background.
        -- News today - 18th july-1999